Veriga = reliability and safety in all conditions

Our company is an official dealer of the Veriga brand – a manufacturer of tracks and forestry, protection and snow chains.

Why are the products of this brand better than others and worth buying?

GreenTruck tracks are a product that combines material durability, environmental friendliness and a good price. During production, boron steel was used, which, after heat treatment, achieves uniform hardness across the profile cross-section. This provides greater resistance to wear and impact by guaranteeing a longer service life. This material is ideal for use in harsh environments.                               

The tracks have a much larger ground contact area compared to forest chains, so they have little impact on the undergrowth and are therefore more environmentally friendly. The larger ground contact area also means:

  • evenly distributed force
  • constant grip on the ground
  • increased machine stability when driving on uneven terrain
  • faster driving
  • lower fuel consumption due to less sink and drag
  • ability to transport larger loads

The tracks also have trackside (lateral) elements that keep the tires moving along the track all the time. This improves tire grip, stability when driving on slopes, protection from sharp elements (stones, rocks), and a quieter ride. All these factors translate into a 60% increase in tire life.

The second recommended product is PREMIUM LINE and STANDARD LINE wheel chains. Both series have tensioning systems that allow them to be used on all types of tires and to be adjusted on worn tires.

STANDARD LINE are wheel chains designed for occasional use in undemanding forest areas. The PREMIUM LINE, on the other hand, is a line of chains designed for professional use in logging and timber removal. It is a particularly durable product due to the high quality of its materials, as well as its dense construction. The chains provide good grip on the ground and optimum protection for the tires, and improve the stability of the machine. Depending on the model, the chains are suitable for clay, sticky, muddy or rocky ground.

Do you work in difficult conditions where specialized equipment is needed?

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