#TOP4 brands of grapples

In today’s article, we present the 4 most popular and leading brands of forwarder grapples in Europe.*

Let’s start with the Mesera brand. Their grippers are said to be efficient and durable. The company’s offer includes three series, each dedicated to a different type of work:

  • The MR28 is the series for efficient handling and chipping
  • MF series, the best solution for easy woodworking
  • ML series – series for processing long wood

However, there are features that connect these three models. First of all, all the grippers from this company have a special shape that protects the cylinder and piston rod. The front plate is made of high-quality abrasion-resistant material, and the gripper’s tips are shaped to easily enter the wood pile. As for the shape of the frame, it was created based on the experience and suggestions of forest machine operators, where the lubrication points are secured on the inside. An additional advantage is the reinforced construction of the actuator handle, which allows for heavy loads and hardened pins for the highest durability.

Another company is HSP Gripen, which was founded by one of the machine operators. The Swedish company offers a wide range of grippers – 17 models. However, below are four of the most popular.

The standard grapple is equipped with double cylinders which ensure low and even shaft wear. The construction of the claws enables efficient rolling of the trunks and effectively fills the gripper. It is a product that is suitable for all types of wood.

Another grapple – Heavy Duty, was created for heavy work. Equipped with thicker steel plates, a larger rotator plate and reinforced boom tubes, it is awarded the title of the stiffest grapple. Thanks to this, it is suitable for lifting heavy loads and performing difficult work, e.g. tree felling.

The Bio model is designed for quick and easy transfer of clippings and waste, tree parts and other materials to be chipped into bio fuel. This model features reinforced boom tubes, double-thick claws and mechanical end stops to prevent the cylinders from sinking to the bottom.

The last one is HSP DUO, i.e. two in one. This type replaces the operation of two grippers by switching between brushwood and wood claws. It takes just a few simple steps and saves you time and money.

The third brand is Cranab – a manufacturer of three series of grippers designed for effective and precise work. Each series is designed for a different type of work and can additionally be available in X or HD variants. The X variant was created to improve the properties of standard grippers. The design of the tongs allows free picking of logs, pulling and lifting. The HD variant, on the other hand, applies to large cranes and lifting heavy materials. These grippers are more massive and equipped with larger diameter pins and solid bushings.

Common features are:

  • high quality of the gripper
  • excellent bearing protection
  • free rolling of the wood inside the gripper
  • precise grip of the pliers to prevent tearing out the ground
  • the design of the tongs allows you to pick wood from the pile without scattering it

Among the leaders is also the famous John Deere. The company offers four types of SUPERGRIP series grippers, which are adapted to specific needs. The main advantages include double bracing, a cushioned cylinder and solid reinforcements.

The first model is the SG-Standard, i.e. a universal gripper with a wide range of applications in various areas.

The SG-S is a variant designed for the heaviest work in the forest, which is equipped with solid, cast pushers. On the basis of this model, a new hand-strengthened SG-RS was created, which is distinguished by additional reinforcement ensuring better durability, reliability and service life.

The last type is the SG-R, i.e. brushwood gripper. The model is based on the same frame as the other grapples, but it has reinforced arms, designed specifically for transferring brushwood, undergrowth, trees and even stumps.

To sum up..

If you are a demanding operator who is looking for a grapple for your forest machine, consider our #TOP4 brands that will certainly meet your expectations.

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