Periodic services of forest machines at a glance

Taking care of your machine is essential! Adhere to service intervals and check the number of hours worked every day. Before you start any service work, make sure the machine is on a flat and level surface without any obstructions. Remember, perform all repairs with the engine turned off and the ignition key removed. It’s a good idea to wait for the machine’s systems to cool down before servicing. Don’t forget to clean the calamites before lubricating. Before you refill the oil, thoroughly clean the area around the caps and filler holes. Before proceeding, be sure to check components and systems for dust or dirt.

Check daily that the hydraulic hoses of the quick coupler or hammer are routed properly.

Machine inspections should be performed at the following intervals:

❒ Daily – or every 10 mth

❒ Weekly – or every 15 mth

❒ Every 250 mth

❒ Every 500 mth

❒ Every 1000 mth

❒ Every 2000 mth

Before you start maintenance work, keep in mind some important steps:

  1. make sure that the device is placed on a flat and stable surface
  2. lower the attachment (i.e., the blade) to the ground
  3. leave the engine idling for 2 minutes before turning it off
  4. don’t forget the locks that will prevent the machine from moving
  5. lock the steering joint of the machine, as well as the wheels.
  6. apply the hand brake.
  7. turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition switch
  8. place the placard “DO NOT START !”  on the instrument panel.

Remember: never leave the cabin while the engine is running.