Forest machines – why use high quality oils?

Working in the forest requires the use of specialized equipment, which is often exposed to intensive use. Properly selected and regularly changed oils are a key element in maintaining the efficiency and productivity of forest machines.

How good oil prevents wear of parts
The wear of parts is related to the friction of machine components that are exposed to high loads. Using high-quality oil with the right viscosity and anti-corrosion properties reduces friction and keeps the surface of the components smooth, which reduces wear. Good quality oils contain modern additives that keep mechanisms clean and reduce the risk of contamination. In addition, a characteristic feature is higher resistance to high temperatures, which means less susceptibility to thermal degradation.

Increased fuel economy associated with the use of the highest quality oil
The use of high-quality oils is of particular importance in the case of machines that work in extreme conditions, i.e. at high altitude, on sloping or muddy terrain. Thanks to properly selected additives, the oil can provide effective protection of the entire system, which reduces the resistance of the machine, and thus also reduces the need for fuel.

Steps to ensure proper maintenance and replacement of oils used in forestry machinery
Proper maintenance and oil change is a key aspect of keeping your forestry machinery operational and efficient. Be sure to schedule oil changes and system filtering.
If the machines are used in difficult conditions, the oil should be changed more often than recommended by the manufacturer. It is also worth using the services of specialists who will conduct oil tests to determine its condition and determine the moment of replacement.

Detailed instructions on how to choose the best quality oil for your machines can be found here:,24,24

But let’s note one more important thing…
Higher quality oils do not differ significantly in price from the others and, above all, are more profitable due to the lower risk of failure. The use of more expensive oils in forestry machinery is a long-term investment that will certainly pay off.

Start making conscious choices.

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