Causes of computer faults in forestry machinery + tips

Causes of computer faults in forestry machinery + tips

Nowadays, technology plays a key role in almost every field, including forestry. Forestry machines, equipped with computers, enable efficient and precise tree-felling operations. However, like any device, computers in forestry machinery are subject to all sorts of factors, including operator error.

Below we will discuss why computers in forestry machinery fail and how to minimize the risk of it.

 Some of the most common causes of faults include:

  • Age of the installed disk – old, worn-out disks adversely affect computer performance
  • Logical errors on the hard drive – can cause data loss and system problems
  • Voltage jumps, short circuits
  • Plugging infected media into the USB connector and infecting the computer
  • Physical damage to the computer e.g. bump, broken screen, etc.
  • Improper disconnection of the monitor from the computer, i.e. unplugging the cable without first turning off the power to the machine
  • Turning on the computer after a prolonged machine standstill in sub-zero temperatures without first warming up the operator’s cabin
  • Overheating caused by high cabin temperature or faulty computer cooling system
  • Influence of moisture – most often in the autumn and winter period
  • Deletion of system files or application files by myself – can compromise the integrity of the system

The list is not short, but there are a few tips to help minimize the risk of these problems.

As a company specializing in computer repair on forestry machines, we recommend:

  • Use verified storage media that are virus-free
  • Turn off the electricity in the machine before disconnecting the monitor from the computer
  • Turn on the forest machine first and then turn on the computer to avoid a power surge
  • Save the machine settings/profile files as a backup on a clean media such as a flash drive. After reinstalling the system, simply load the settings from the backup and there is no need to calibrate the machine from scratch
  • In case of problems with settings or pop-up messages, do not act alone

Attention to these fundamental principles can significantly improve the reliability of computers on forest machines and extend their life. Nevertheless, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk. Therefore, in the event of a computer malfunction, we warmly encourage you to contact our specialist at +48 661 523 949.

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