FlashCut technology in forestry machines

In the field of professional wood processing, accuracy and efficiency are the basic pillars of success. In this constant pursuit of perfection, FlashCut technology comes to the rescue, ensuring maximum cutting speed while minimizing the risk of wood splitting.

What is FlashCut?

FlashCut is an advanced saw control system that automatically adjusts the feed pressure depending on the engine power and current working conditions. This system ensures that cutting conditions are always optimal, making the FlashCut saw the ideal tool for precision woodworking. FlashCut is used for crosscutting, not for felling cut.

FlashCut mechanism of action

FlashCut technology uses advanced algorithms that regulate feed pressure based on three key factors: saw engine speed, saw guide position and the diameter of the log being cut. Thanks to this, the system allows dynamic adjustment of the saw operation in real time, which increases its efficiency.

Benefits of using the FlashCut system:

  1. Reduction of splitting: The system starts cutting with low feed pressure, which gradually increases, reaching maximum speed at the most appropriate moment. This minimizes the risk of splitting, which is especially important in the case of more delicate wood species.
  2. Optimum chain speed: FlashCut technology adapts the chain speed to the working conditions, ensuring efficiency and cutting quality.
  3. Increased Productivity: Adjusting the feed pressure allows you to achieve maximum speed at the cutting stage, resulting in greater efficiency.

To get the most out of FlashCut technology, please read the adjustment instructions in your Timbermatic user manual. Knowing these recommendations will allow you to precisely adjust the saw to your individual processing needs, which is essential to obtain the best results.

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