Air conditioning service in forest machines

Air conditioning service is a process that helps keep your air conditioning in good shape through regular inspection and cleaning. Adjusting the air conditioning is important not only for comfort, but also for work safety, because machine operators exposed to overheating can make a mistake and lead to an accident. Therefore, it is important to choose a company that will perform the service comprehensively and at a high level.

What activities does the air conditioning service include?

The work should start with checking whether there are any symptoms indicating irregularities in the system. One of the most common symptoms is lack of air cooling. Others may be poor airflow, noise, or strange smells. Flashing lights or problems with air conditioning controls are also a sign that something is wrong with your air conditioning.

In a situation where no deviations from the norm have been noticed, standard actions can be taken:

  • fungal removal and replacement of the cabin filter – the cabin filter in the forest machine may require more frequent replacement due to work in the forest, and thus the possibility of getting leaves or needles. In addition, due to the place of work, it is important to remove the fungus from the entire system, because fungal deposits are dangerous to health
  • service of the condenser and dryer – checking the tightness of the elements; in the case of the condenser, regular cleaning is usually sufficient, while the dryer needs to be replaced approximately every 2 years
  • compressor service – consists in seeing and listening to the device – bearings and seals that can be replaced are exposed to damage, as well as pistons, the price of which unfortunately exceeds the value of the compressor itself
  • supplementing/replacing the working medium – the correct technique consists in pumping out the entire content from the system, weighing the medium and refilling the system with the appropriate amount in accordance with the service manual

Air conditioning service in a forest machine is an important element of ensuring the comfort and safety of users. It allows not only to ensure the right temperature in the cabin, but also to avoid failures and increase the service life of the system. It is therefore worth taking care of preparing the air conditioning for the summer, as well as remembering about regular service.

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