Forest machines – installation of tracks and anti-slip chains

Is your machine working in difficult conditions where the terrain is demanding?

If so, it’s a good idea to get anti-slip chains or tracks to improve your work and safety.

How to set up the equipment quickly, efficiently and, above all, correctly?

Let’s start with instructions for installing anti-slip chains.

First, find a suitable place, that is, one where the terrain will be relatively level and flat. Next, turn the chain the right side and spread it in front of the wheel. Next, tie a 1.5-meter rope to the chain and put it on the tire as shown in the picture below. Finally, carefully drive the machine up and stop if necessary to make adjustments to the chain. Continue to drive until the ends of the chain are very close to each other to connect them with the link.

Repeat the above operation with each tire.

The next instruction is about tracks. What will you need?

Also a rope or chain, but longer than the anti-slip chains i.e. this time you need to get a 5.5m length.

Find a flat area, and start the assembly by spreading the tracks with the plates down.

Attach the chain or rope to the first track plate as shown. Then put the chain on both wheels and put it under the rear tire.

While you’re at it, start slowly reversing the machine, paying attention to whether the chain/rope along with the track are in the center of the wheel and not slipping.

Reverse until one plate on the front of the front wheel is left free.

Then pin the chains between the second and third links of the track.

However, if there is a problem with the proper tightening of the track, install an additional chain (B) between the ends and drive forward once more.

Check that the chains have the same length and tension on both sides so that the crawler is well balanced.

Next, carefully back the machine so that the track connection is between the wheels. At this point, the track is stretched, and the chain inside should be loose. 

Now install the locking device, making sure that the loop is pressed against the inside of the tire.

Once you’ve done the above, drive the machine forward to make the tension chains loose and pull them down.

Then drive the machine back and forth a few times and check the tension of the tracks, remembering that dimension A should be 50-100mm.

In conclusion, the installation of tracks and chains is not the easiest of tasks, but we hope that our post has provided you with the necessary information to streamline the process.  

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