Cutters by MenSe Oy

MenSe offers a wide range of parts for forestry machinery, but this time we would like to introduce the topic of cutters.

The cutters are made of 500 HB wear-resistant steel, which is characterized by high durability, and it works by moving both blades forward and backward. This reduces the risk of clogging and stopping the equipment, and even makes it possible to cut slightly larger logs. An additional advantage is the shape and contouring of the blades, which affect effective cutting. If you hit a stone, for example, the blades round off, but this does not affect the efficiency of the work. Sharpening is practically unnecessary, but if necessary, the operation can be performed with a hand grinder. Of course, it is also possible to service at Mense Oy and purchase replacement blades.

The cutters are equipped with a durable and almost maintenance-free motor that guarantees excellent operational reliability.  The motor ensures smooth operation and high cutting force throughout the movement.

The working width of the cutters is from 130cm to 240cm, and the cutting diameter is from 5cm to 15cm. In addition, the wide overhang of the cutting head and good maneuverability enable precise cutting, thus improving productivity and quality of work. It is also possible to use the cutters in a vertical position.

The only condition for using this equipment is to have a hydraulic boom in the machine.

As a result, the cutters are used for both urban and forestry work, e.g. for trimming hedges, but also for cutting bushes and thicker branches along forest roads or streets, and selective pruning of trees in forest nurseries. In addition, the equipment is also suitable for underwater work such as reed cutting.

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