Towing a forestry machine

If a machine breaks down, it may need to be towed to a repair shop. However, there are several conditions that must be met before towing can begin:

First, you must release the parking brake – the machine has four brake cylinders (1), two on the front axle and two on the rear axle. Under the cover (2) of each cylinder is a screw (3). Screw this screw clockwise until brake disconnection is achieved. Repeat the operation for each cylinder. Once the machine is towed, return the screw to its previous position.

Then release and disconnect the drive system – raise the cabin and loosen by two turns the screw on both pressure bypass valves (1) of the drive pump, which should close with a torque of 10Nm after towing.

NOTE: If the machine will be towed for a distance of less than 20m, it is necessary to disconnect the drive.

NOTE: To avoid damage to the transmission, the drive shaft (gimbal) should be disconnected before towing for a distance of more than 20m.

The next step is to release the service brakes. Raise the cab and disconnect the solenoid valve connector, and reconnect the connector when the towing is finished.

Disconnecting the directional control is also an important step. What exactly needs to be done?

You need to unscrew the bypass valve (1), and in its place screw in a plug (2) with a gasket. After towing, we return to the original state.

IMPORTANT: Remember to protect all unscrewed parts from contamination.

Last, but equally important, is the folding of the boom. If the engine stops with the boom extended, it may be necessary to manually retract and fold the boom before towing the machine.

Hydraulic control can be bypassed by performing a bypass of the bypass valves on the boom control valve, and maneuvering the boom can be done with another machine or a suitable lifting device.

CAUTION: If the boom is raised, it must be properly supported before the hydraulic pressure is released. If the load on the boom is not completely removed, the oil may be under pressure, impeding its flow. Failure to take proper precautions can lead to personal injury or serious damage to the equipment.

So, first we lock the wheels and support the boom with blocks or the the other machine. And then we proceed to bypass each function of the boom by unscrewing the bypass valve and replacing the valve with plugs with gaskets in the manifold sections.After the towing is completed, we screw in the bypass valves with their seals again.

NOTE: Do not confuse the valves after removing them. Replace them in the original installation location.


In order to raise or lower the main arm, you need to:

  • Secure the arm in the found position, there must be no pressure in the actuator during this operation
  • Make a bypass of 6 sections
  • Raise or lower the main arm using a second crane
  • Replace the bypass valve

In summary, in order to proceed with towing, the above steps must be followed so that the forestry machine is fully prepared for movement.

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